Give the gift of these brilliant bespoke trousers from SPOKE this Christmas.

Nothing shows more thought than a bespoke gift at Christmas. One might think that a bespoke gift comes with a hefty price-tag but this is certainly not the case with clothing brand, SPOKE.

Of course, the nature of fashion can make it challenging to give clothing as a gift;  How are you going to know the product will fit? The last one anybody wants to be doing in January is trying to return goods.

spoke gift guide.png

This is why we are so impressed with SPOKE and their incredible service.  SPOKE gift vouchers come in denominations of £89 - £178, fitting with the various ranges on offer.

In terms of the bespoke aspect, recipients of a SPOKE gift card will be invited to visit the website, which offers a simple to use fit-finder to ensure the trouser waist, hip and leg are hand-crafted to exact measurements.

The quality and range of SPOKE trousers are exceptional.  Colourways include rich reds, oranges and khaki, alongside deep blacks and classic winter creams.  More importantly, the feel and look of the trouser really is high end.  There is nothing “high street” about these.


Whether you are looking to give a special gift or wish to treat yourself for the new year, SPOKE really have come up with the goods.

Visit to purchase gift cards or to design your own pair, today.